Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Wonders in the Night Sky

Wow!  I just looked for the first time through a telescope at the moon.  It is sooooo amazing!  It's easy to look at the moon in pictures, but when you experience looking at it yourself it is beautiful!

 It is a great analogy for my experience learning about basic principles of theology this semester.  I found I have read a great number of things but I realized that I did not see it the way a theological thinker would see.  I have seen pictures and maps of the moon's craters but never have looked for myself.
  Another excellent consequence of my class is that I started to listen more closely to the priest's homilies.  I am still lacking the full background that I need, but that will come in time.  If I continue the analogy of my first site of the moon, I remember that currently there is research showing vast amounts of the elements that may have brought forth some types of living organisms.  I hope my further study of theology shows such spiritual life and connections for me.

One other realization I have had, among so many, is that I think my friends who have studied theology before me seem to have a greater understanding of human nature.  Some of them are priests, some are DREs, some campus ministers and some teachers.  I see it takes all kinds of theologians just as it takes many types of scientists and sciences to bring together a full knowledge of one idea.  I trust I will continue to look to my friends for their advice as I study theology and learn more of God's divine plan for man.

It is so exciting for me to know that as I have taken my first look at the moon, so shall I grow in theological knowledge (hopefully) to see the inner workings that give spiritual life to man.  The more I study and seek, the more I will see the elements necessary for my own spiritual life.