Monday, August 22, 2016

Poem for a Louisiana flood

Cast away my fear, cast away my doubt.
Draw me to your shores of everlasting love.
Water rises at my foundation even as I think it's strong.
Carry me through the waters.
Hold me high above the flood.
Though my actions bring me below,
let faith lift me even though.
You are the first and the last
The hope and the rainbow of the world.
Father your promise gives me courage.
Jesus, your love keeps me whole.
Raise me from my worry and sin,
Spirit cover me as morning dew,
A bud yearning to soar.
Cast away my fear, cast away my doubt.
And when the new day dawns,
Find me here below, coming toward you evermore
As though I'd never been without.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Great Small Step

What a busy summer it has been.  I am now making last ditch efforts to complete projects and prep for the new school year. How does one determine what is important and will make the most difference?
One thing I have been working on this summer is to leave each encounter with some love both from me in actions and in mind. It's hard when human emotion is such a temperamental beast.  One encounter upset me because the person was in a state of anger from the offset and wanted to take it out on me.  But after giving it some thought I realized again that our reactions often occur as an act of 'expected' treatment from others.
The small thing, of loving other people even if you don't like them very much, sets your own heart free.
Life is all about people anyway.  If you try enough times to act with love in your heart then you eventually figure it out.