Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Lady dressed in Stars

Our Lady of Guadalupe, I believe, drew me back toward the Holy Catholic Church. So I treated myself to her portrait for my birthday, and doesn't she look smart on my newly painted wall.

The fascinating facts behind the constellations on her cloak tell a continuing tale of God's divine inclination to let humans participate in a world that has the thrill of perseverance, courage and freedom of will. Our Lady lived these virtues.

To model her is my highest goal. To be loved by her is my greatest gift second to only Christ, Our Lord.

"Live in the world as if only God and your soul were alone in it. Then your heart will never be made captive by anything earthly thing."

-- St. John of the Cross

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Winter Wonderland in Louisiana (I hope it comes again!)

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Fall Cometh

     I have to place a note about how excited I am about fall weather.  The first wind has started to ring my new wind chime and my puppies were especially excited playing with me outside this afternoon.

   I hope it snows again for Louisiana.  Even though I have seen snow several times, I was never in a place where I could listen to it fall over an extended period.  It was so peaceful.  Fall and early winter are my favorite times of year because first, I get to wear sweaters and second, all the best feast days happen. 

   One more note, and one of the inspirations for this blog, the constellation Orion.  I can always find it in fall and winter, and it always shines out of the sky when I need a sign of God's loving omnipotence.   

   So as the moon is waxing at this time, and I am savoring my hot pots of tea, I watch with excitement the changes Earth brings.  The seasons are healing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Augustinian Call

Things are stressful, but there is nothing like a good ole fashioned talk about Saint Augustine to put you into perspective.  

He said lots of cool stuff that I could try to repeat, but there is too much that really hits home with me, so I won't start.

One person that I do keep in mind is Saint Monica and her relationship with her husband.  She put up with hardship faithfully and I wish I could be a better person and not complain about the usual abusers out there.

Augustine reminds me that God loves me no matter how far I could fall, but he also convicts me that I am called to the greater sainthood.  It is not an easy road to love and not receive too much in return, but at least children see your convictions well.

"The retreat in question is to be taken to mean, not only the careful avoidance of occasions of sin, but still more that, when engaged with the enemy, we lift up our minds and hearts to the things of God, fastening our eyes above all on the One to whom we have pledged our virginity. 'Gaze upon the excellence of your Lover,' St. Augustine reminds us."

Pope Pius XII Sacra Virginitas quotes from St. Augustine's De Sancta Virginitate