Monday, March 28, 2016

What the day brings

    You never know what the day will bring. Especially a Monday. It is certain that you can never assume what you do not, can not know.
    Interaction example one: Offering help to a deaf person's back does not allow you to think their rude for not listening. Interaction number two: listening to complaints with a smile is an interesting part of the job. But I have learned over the years that a smile diffuses most things politely if not succinctly. That person doesn't know the inner working of hearts they feel they have been offended by. And that is okay too. We all have those days.
   Lesson learned or remembered: pridefulness is a barrier to happiness. Imagine loving a stranger enough to forgo pride. Quite grand and hard to do. It's all in the little things we are able to let go of.
   Most importantly, finding random jelly beans is always delightful! It was sunshine yellow after all!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Doctor Who and Clara Holy Thursday Reflection

"Four and half billion years, why would you even do that?" Clara's Doctor Who is a literary figure of proportions so far greater than what humanity is capable of.

Somehow, Clara's Doctor Who gives me hope.  Both Clara and number 12/13 embody selflessness at points in their timeline.  The act of giving up one's freedom for a known or unknown death is a storyline created by Christ himself.

Whether these or previous writers knew it, the desire of the intellect to explain such a selfless act is always intuitive.  There is more that we cannot see with our limited intellect.

Maybe that is why people cannot wrap their minds around the selfless act of the Son of God who died to save our immortal souls.  Our intuition, if fostered, can see beyond the tracing that is left of the vision of the Cross.  Intuition is more than made up nonsense because it is the longing of the soul to be whole again.

In the tv shows, we eventually see the end of the story or the end of the season and sometimes it goes the full circle giving explanation where needed.  So you can see how an act of self sacrifice is in fact an act of freedom and love.

Christ is Himself, freedom and love.  He is the full circle.  Therefore the intuition, the intellect, the story of salvation are all founded in the selfless act of a God made man.  Man hasn't even existed for four and a half billion years.  Can you imagine if it would?  Jesus Christ's sacrifice would still extend beyond that time as both the beginning and the end of freedom and love.  You are free when you give up you.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hope and Constancy

"Constancy in effort consists in struggling and suffering to the end, without yielding to weariness, discouragement, or indolence." 1093 The Spiritual Life

Tanquerey paints a vivid ideal for moral virtue. Climbing a trenchant divide is what we actually live.  On the one hand, we are encouraged by the good fight.  On the other is the promise of great grace waiting to be poured upon those who wait in the stillness.

I would say, out of constancy, only to pray. Pray to be still. Pray to act. Pray to hope.

A white martyrdom helps no one if it is done with anger. Therefore, pray and hope.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


There is a science and an art to the stroke of the fly fisherman's cast.  The goal is to imitate both the randomness and consistency of the prey.  As humans, our clumsy cast can fly far astray or be so meager that it will net very little.  There in lies the struggle we set for ourselves to find the inbetween to imitate the art of nature, the art of God.

As we move along this journey, some things do come easier.  But maybe they don't. Maybe we just learn to let the line ride the wind or be weighted by the current. There is always the unexpected in the fervor and concentration of doing it right.  Preparation and asking questions leads to further wisdom. You just have to keep asking.