Sunday, July 28, 2013

Aliens or Zombies?

My week without tv and music is over and I really had trouble turning it back on today.  I walked over to my videos and asked my dog, "aliens or zombies?"

She chose neither and I chose aliens. So we started off the day with Prometheus in all its philosophical glory and slowly made our way to Alien (the first one with Sigourney).

I love it! I even related something theological to the progression of films. Just like the Holy Church tradition and dogma protects us if we follow it, the people in the movie would have stayed alive if they would have followed the rules. But those darn robots with no morals go and get everyone killed. Society is slowly becoming the robot. No aliens that I know of yet.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Singing in the Silence

I turned off my music and tv this week.

It is my last week before school work starts again and you would think I would want veg out. Oh, but I do want to! But I am getting many things done with the opened opportunity to listen to Christ and my list of to dos.

The funny thing is that I still have a random pop song in my head, but I am also automatically singing anything I know to fill the blank time in my mind.
It makes me wish I knew more sacred music to sing. All those latin chants...

My head is not perfectly clear in adoration and I'm sure I'll still squirm on Sunday in the pew trying to find meaning, but I have to tune out somethings, sometimes.

I hope this week helps me to be holier. That is the call of Christ whether in silence or in song.