Monday, January 31, 2011

The Black and White Sin: Lies

LIES in Addiction

We lie in our daily lives if we regularly allow an ill-formed conscience to be mastered by sin.  These lies build in different forms, but all can thicken a wall between your soul and God.  Lying to others, lying to yourself and trying to lie to God are all ineffective for achieving gain or happiness in this life.

Before the gravity of a lie becomes apparent, it is often released.  Into the wind, it haunts the one who spoke it until it finds rest upon a guilty heart, covering like a blanketing mist the light that otherwise would bare all.

All lies that affect the soul, affect others as well.  This is harmful and dangerous for loved ones in our lives and therefore it is imperative that lying ceases.  Lies of omission, lies for thorough deceit, and lies that hide sin are harmful to the fragile grace that God provides for the human heart.  Lies are small deeds with large impact that break down the will and open your reasonable mind to believe untruths.

Lying to yourself is one of the first steps to falling into sinful addiction.  When you lie to yourself, you create in your mind a false righteousness or false entitlement that you are owed something in this life that will make you happy.  But if you have ever experienced and known that you have sinned, you may know that happiness is not found in earthly treasures.  The way beyond this falsity is a simple matter of calling upon God to help you by asking for 'knowledge of your sins.'

People try to hide from God even though their souls are blindingly bright within and seeking the love of God.  It is hard for someone who has chosen to live in sin to choose God because God is so forgiving and knows all truths.  The weakened mind and heart cannot always get past the lie of drug abuse, the lie that feelings of a high are the way, or the lie that hatred of others is the only way to survive.  But it only takes 'the faith of mustard seed.'

It is therefore, the Christians duty to pray and sacrifice for those who are most in need of prayer. 

St. Therese of Lisieux prayed for a man in jail when she was a young girl.  He had harmed others by his actions.  At the last moment, he chose to choose Jesus Christ before he was put to death for his crimes.  In the same way that Christ invites the thief on the cross to "be with Him in paradise this day", we are called to look upon those that live a lie in addiction and sin, and pray, if not witness, to the full truth that is the message of salvation in Jesus.

"St. Therese of the Child Jesus, look upon and pray for those who most need to see Our Lord Jesus in their lives right now.  Especially the men and women that wander the street and know no way back to God's grace.  Pray for me, that I might shine a small light where I go, so that they may know to seek Christ who saves and reveals all truth and love. Amen"

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Black and White Sin

I have had this reflection on my heart for some time, which is why I haven’t written here in a month. It is about the addiction to the small sins that happen in our daily lives. White lies, gossip, and anger make up part of what pierced Our Lord at Calvary.

“We should strive to keep our hearts open to the sufferings and wretchedness of other people, and pray continually that God may grant us that spirit of compassion which is truly the Spirit of God.” St. Vincent de Paul

Part One:

Addiction is a crippling, demoralizing slope that shatters the true beauty of the heart of man. Drug addiction, anger addiction, sexual deviance and self-idolatry are sicknesses of poor souls that Christ longs to embrace in his ever forgiving arms.

These addictions may begin with small lies or outlets for stressful experiences. But they affect not only the physical mind and body, but the very real and very present spirit of the soul within. You may ask yourself, ‘What leads a man to become so wretched?’ You may think of these addictions as the worst of the worst.

But that is a lie also, because the devil is always trying to trap you into a sense of security and relativistic ‘self-talk’ that logically provides a path to greater sin.

Consider the slippery slope of sin. While the addictions mentioned are sinful and have components of sin spun throughout, the beginning of the fall into the addiction always starts with a choice made from an ill-formed or well-formed conscience. Even then, it is a battle against the dark forces in this world.

Many people claim to have no idea what is wrong with their lives and why things don’t always go their way. It becomes plain in conversation with them that they have made certain choices. I will be the first to say I have made poor choices. It is the next and the next and the next choice that continues to spiral further along what road you choose.

But know, sin is always a lie of something good twisted before us.

To be continued.

A Prayer Request

When you work in large or small schools, the inevitable happens and a child's parent or a child becomes gravely ill or looses their life. It is somewhat common, every two years or so, to encounter these events.

Please pray with me for a lady, Anna Diesem, whom I have met once or twice that has gone into a coma today. She has a fifth grade daughter and another younger child.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace,
The Lord is with You.
Blessed are You among women,
And Blessed is the Fruit of
Your womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.

Sweet Mary, please bring the healing that God wills in the Diesem family and for Anna. Amen

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Blog "Loving the Church"

A great article written by Father Patrick Murphy LC. Read more at his blog, Loving the Church.

My favorite part:

"How many people today struggle with resentments, wounds from the past, and find it too hard to forgive, forget, and live life to the full. They simply no longer see all the good in people and in the world. The universe is much larger than one’s personal grudges!"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Greater Setback

I had a little personal setback today, but it doesn't compare to 200 years of progress in health and wealth. Can we also do one of these for the growth of Christianized countries?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Galactic Catholic Universe Photo of the Day: Louisiana

New Orleans Museum of Art Sculpture Garden

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The View of 2011

This year is a year of change.  Not political, not social, not physical.  It is a year of moral change. 

The discussion of sex and its repercussions is either combated or ignored depending on which is the opinion of the day.  It is combated by a small poll that says teen pregnancy is down because of a television show on Mtv and ignored by thousands of articles that suggest love is when you make room for the other persons clothes in your closet. 

Maybe it's just me, but I am noticing that the worldly sentiment toward sex has taken hold of even our young innocents of 12 or 13 years old.  The prolific life of inappropriate television and movies is viewed over and over inundating our future adults with what??  Everything that is not what an intimate, loving relationship is about. 

The blind eye to the 'soft porn' of tasteless clothing showing all parts of a woman or girl to the 'funny' old woman boobs on a birthday card, is the blind eye that sees a future adult treat women and elderly with disrespect.

Tolerance of soft porn or the subtle approach to promiscuity is not just about immorality.  It is a turning of society to a reality where pornography is laughable and dignity is lost. 

History shows that this type of change is not new.  Well it's new to me, and to every generation born into this world.  I have always believed that an innocent mind is better than a knowledgeable one in the eyes of Jesus Christ.  It is impossible to be innocent in today's world, which is a crime against souls that from their very first cry, cry out for the joy and love of God the Creator.

As we watch this disgusting reality take place, we can pray.  God can do all things.  He can choose to protect a soul that can only be fulfilled in a religious vocation.  With our prayers, God can answer and lead fallen souls back to Him with one touch of his loving hand.  With our acts of evangelization and preaching of the Word of God, grace can flow through to the one who most needs love to combat an addiction or even despair.

It is our duty to love even those that have fallen away from Christ.  No person can say they have not sinned, so it is easy to meet a sinner on the street with love if you want to be forgiven yourself.

Even though I am disheartened by the current 'worldliness' of my nation, there are some things I know I can do and I ask you to try also for the sake of souls.

First: Forgive Others. Pray to love more.
Second: Study the Word of God. Be objective but be rooted in the truth of the Holy Church.
Third: Pray Always. Apostolic action cannot be fruitful without the grace of God.