Saturday, January 1, 2011

The View of 2011

This year is a year of change.  Not political, not social, not physical.  It is a year of moral change. 

The discussion of sex and its repercussions is either combated or ignored depending on which is the opinion of the day.  It is combated by a small poll that says teen pregnancy is down because of a television show on Mtv and ignored by thousands of articles that suggest love is when you make room for the other persons clothes in your closet. 

Maybe it's just me, but I am noticing that the worldly sentiment toward sex has taken hold of even our young innocents of 12 or 13 years old.  The prolific life of inappropriate television and movies is viewed over and over inundating our future adults with what??  Everything that is not what an intimate, loving relationship is about. 

The blind eye to the 'soft porn' of tasteless clothing showing all parts of a woman or girl to the 'funny' old woman boobs on a birthday card, is the blind eye that sees a future adult treat women and elderly with disrespect.

Tolerance of soft porn or the subtle approach to promiscuity is not just about immorality.  It is a turning of society to a reality where pornography is laughable and dignity is lost. 

History shows that this type of change is not new.  Well it's new to me, and to every generation born into this world.  I have always believed that an innocent mind is better than a knowledgeable one in the eyes of Jesus Christ.  It is impossible to be innocent in today's world, which is a crime against souls that from their very first cry, cry out for the joy and love of God the Creator.

As we watch this disgusting reality take place, we can pray.  God can do all things.  He can choose to protect a soul that can only be fulfilled in a religious vocation.  With our prayers, God can answer and lead fallen souls back to Him with one touch of his loving hand.  With our acts of evangelization and preaching of the Word of God, grace can flow through to the one who most needs love to combat an addiction or even despair.

It is our duty to love even those that have fallen away from Christ.  No person can say they have not sinned, so it is easy to meet a sinner on the street with love if you want to be forgiven yourself.

Even though I am disheartened by the current 'worldliness' of my nation, there are some things I know I can do and I ask you to try also for the sake of souls.

First: Forgive Others. Pray to love more.
Second: Study the Word of God. Be objective but be rooted in the truth of the Holy Church.
Third: Pray Always. Apostolic action cannot be fruitful without the grace of God.