Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Affect of Time Changing

I am affected by time changing, but not in all the ways I want. Duty and work never cease, and love is hard to forget. The first chimney fire of winter lights the dark areas of weariness and poetry emotes warmth for the soul.

by Emily Dickinson
On Nature...

Like mighty footlights burned the red
At bases of the trees-
The far theatricals of day
Exhibiting to these.

'Twas universe that did applaud
While chiefest of the crowd,
Enabled by his royal dress,
Myself distinguished God.

On Love...

It's all I have to bring today,
This, and my heart beside,
This, and my heart, and all the fields,
And all the meadows wide.
Be sure you count, should I forget-
Some one the sum could tell,-
This, and my heart, and all the bees
Which in the clover dwell.

I held a jewel in my fingers
And went to sleep.
The day was warm, and winds were prosy;
I said: "Twill keep."

I woke and chid my honest fingers,-
The gem was gone;
And now an amethyst remembrance
Is all I own.