Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Super Scientist

Super Scientists are about one in a million, but they most likely run in families. Like Dean Venture of the Venture Brothers on adultswim.net, I sometimes need a wet wipe.  Handy dandy little lemony things.

I don't have a speed suit like the ultra 'cool' Rusty Venture, but if I did boy would I be struttin it.  Just think if we could all invent cool things and be attacked by the guild of calamitous intent, life might lead us all closer to Christ.

I would like to admit here: that I watch a cartoon on the internet.  If it helps, my brother got me into it, but it is not for people who are offended by any little ole blasphemas thing.  It has it's interesting points.  My favorite episode so far is when they try to raise money by having a kids camp and one of the kids gets torn up by an experimental ape man that hasn't seen the light of day for 30 years.  They send a juicy clone home with the parents.

Okay, maybe your thinking my sense of humor is a little morbid. Well, it is.  But I am a true optimist in seeing the joy of the super scientist is not the scary robots or the mutilated humanoids, but it is the knowledge that God created Science-Fiction.  And thank goodness for that.  Dr. Venture lovingly offers a wet wipe to his son,(the 17th clone I believe) to wipe away the fear he has thrown up on his polyester speed suit.  Pretty close to the prodigal son, because now the super scientist son can enter his profession with knowledge that there is someone loving who really gets him.

I used to think my dad was like superman, then I became a certain age and started to understand life a little better.  Now I think he is totally a super scientist and I hope it runs in the family.