Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Authentic Thanksgiving List

I like this idea of thank yous and thank you lists.  I have been forgetting to be thankful lately I must admit.

I am thankful for...

1. Having a work break and a thinking break.  I don't know how people with electronics around them all the time survive.  I NEED wilderness.

2. Visiting mom and dad in the country.  Can't wait for Mom's home cooked meal Thursday.

3. Visiting my mom's friendly rescued kitty.  He is so sweet. Although I jhnm (<---he jumped on the keyboard!)  Although I am very allergic, I miss having a kitty cat.  They are really nice, but I love my little boston terrier the most!

4. Finishing my first real class in theology.  Though I have taken some classes before religious in nature, they weren't high end academic type classes.  Definitely was challenged, hope I passed!!

5. Living in a country, where as of now, I still have options about my life, religion, freedoms, health, job.