Sunday, February 20, 2011

ADDICTION: The Climb Upwards

Recognizing addiction's impact on your family

This article is the last piece of this small series on addiction.  I am not a doctor or psychologist, I only know what I have discerned and experienced from those in my family who have had addictions.  Family members I never met have made the largest impact in my thoughts on this topic because of the destruction of addiction and how it then affected those around me today.

The other aspect of my experience, is the unconditional love of Jesus Christ in my life.  Because I have sought Him regularly in my own failings, it is possible for me to have gained an insight in the love that He bears for the weakest in His sight.

Addiction affects generations

I have spoken about the pain and lies that come from the slow trickle into addiction.  Along with the present situation that a person can create by their fall, there is a long lasting generational effect in a family.  For example,  the trauma created for a young child in a home with an alcoholic or a drug abuser, creates a lasting impression of anger and resentment in the child and others who are traumatized.
Also, the direct influences of the care giver for a child are effected by a traumatized lifestyle which manifests in stress related outbursts, physical violence and verbal abuse to others in order to relieve the powerless feeling they themselves are experiencing.

Steps for atonement and peace after generational addiction

Atonement of the heart, mind, and soul is necessary for true recovery.  After recognizing and contemplating the manifestations of trauma from addiction in your family history, even if it is a current history, make a choice to atone.

For some reason, God's grace has allowed me to forgive repeatedly the sins of my grandfather and his family.  It is hard and I have harbored anger in the past and still work through it.  But when I came to know Christ better, I sought understanding. I prayed for understanding repeatedly for a long time.  This was originally for me to be able to not judge others, but Christ knew I needed to forgive within my own family before I could love others as much as He wanted me too.

The effects of addiction show up in small ways that satan uses as leverage over your soul.  Remember that he is the great lier and he desires fully to turn your heart from Christ the Savior.  The great lier will use the anger and resentment of those affected by addiction to continue to break down family and love of the Divine Father God.  These ways include the hurt that a loved one may cause from continuous verbal abuse or manipulative means of gaining affection or things.  I have found that recognizing these events or actions, is a way to recognize the cry of that person's heart for the True Love of the Sacred Heart of Christ, which we are called to share.

Before I go on, here is the review: Recognize generational affects, seek understanding, forgive and love like you have never been hurt before.

It may seem very, very hard to continue to forgive over and over, someone you love that you cannot ever step away from like a family member.   It is not meant to be easy to suffer, but this struggle is a means to an end.  Consider the path that you take as a minute part of the Cross of Christ which he carried all of our own sins upon.  The end result was Eternal Salvation.

When you choose to love instead of hate, to forgive instead of resent and to understand rather than despise, you are the light of Christ for your whole family.  Because, even though their may be many family members that feel darkly about others, you can be a loving light of Christ bringing them together in love.  Love and Joy will always, always defeat darkness.

The person you love may never express sorrow or seek forgiveness from you.  But I think, you can see it in their eyes that they know you know Christ.  Therefore, they may lash out at you till the very end, but you must endure because you will have witnessed to Love.

Reasons for Hope

Hope is not a vague mist in the wind.  Hope is a very real fruit of the Life and Cross of Jesus Christ.  I have seen how the love of Christ has changed members in my family for the good.  By God's grace alone, the Holy Spirit has brought those in my family who have struggled with addiction, back toward the right path.  When one family member struggles, we all struggle, no matter if we are attached to the person or detached.  It is best to recognize this generational inheritance and accept the truth of it and move on in acts of love, understanding and forgiveness.

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