Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Power of a Name

The scripture in Sunday mass today spoke of humility and expressing it in a very specific action.  Jesus directed all those who exhibit a desire to sit at the front, to rethink their choice as imprudent.

I struggle with the virtue of humility. I cannot seem to aquire it, but instead I long for it and admire those who have it.  I have prayed for it before and a combination of calamities befell me so that I started to despair almost, rather than seek a false humilty at my circumstances.

Humility is not a learned skill, it is only a grace from God which holds His essence and at the core is Love.

It has been easy for me to act with love in my life and profession as a teacher.  I pray for it continuously, that is what makes it easy to act on.  But a new student has struck a humble chord in me this past first week of school.  He asks many questions in his Hispanic accent, and each time he starts with a questioning intonation of the word "Teacher."

At first I corrected him, so that he would know my name, but I don't think I will again.  Because this small voice and a request afterwards is so beautiful to me.  It makes me think of the way Christ's disciples would have requested his teachings.  I am not comparing myself to Christ in any way, but this small request and following question led by the word "Teacher," humbles me enough to see how it is my duty to act as Christ did.  We all know that part ofcourse, but to have an added dimension of someone using the name of the vocation that God has given you is both gratifying and humbling.

Imagine if someone were to call on you instead in this manner:
"Hello, Friend?  I need your help today."

Maybe it has only struct me, in that I have never been addressed directly in this way, but I am glad it has.  This young man has humbled me and trusted in me to help him, in the same way I call upon Christ to grant my salvation.