Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Queen of the Universe

I visited the basilica in Orlando today. At first I was slightly unnerved by the opening speech that lasted for a while. I thought it took away from the purpose. But then I reminded myself to shutup because I was in a church built for tourists to be welcomed.

I tend to judge a mass by the same reverence that is present in a latin rite mass. I knew I was wrong to judge in this instance.

The entire experience at this church turned out to be quite a personal one. The architecture was modern, the head priest was chatty and people still came in at the end of the homily. But the presiders took this in stride and made all feel so welcome.

Even though I probably won't be attending this church again soon because I live elsewhere, the personal touch was heartwarming. Imagine if churches felt that way all the time. My local parish doesn't seem welcoming at all. You know when you sit next to people who smirk at you during the sign of peace and refuse to touch you or be pleasant in the least?

Unfortunately it happens. But what if we could combine the joy of smiling greetings and the reverence of the Catholic liturgy? It would be awesome! That's the church I want to live in the parish of. Instead, there are old poops like me who have gotten so used to avoiding the 'grumpies' , I just don't talk to anyone but my friends.

So let's go to our universal church like we really love to be there from now on! And that goes for me too!