Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Florida Catholic: Link to Article

Here is a link to an interesting article about the Maronite Catholic Church.  I didn't realize when I last wrote about it in The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church in America that it is the anniversary of St. Maron this year.  Please keep praying for the building of the church in Baton Rouge by Father Charbel.

A pilgrimage site has been set up in Miami at Our Lady of Lebanon.  A beautiful prayer posted on their site reads:

1600th Jubilee of the passing of Saint Maron

Lord God,

you called your chosen one, Saint Maron,

to the monastic life,

perfected him in divine virtues,

and guided him along the difficult road

to the heavenly kingdom.

During this jubilee year, commemorating 1600 years

since the death of your chosen one, Saint Maron,

when he was called to the house of your heavenly Father;

We ask you, through his intercession,

to immerseus in your love that we may

walk in your path, heed your commandments,

and follow in his footsteps.

May his holy example resonate throughout our lives.

With your love, may we achieve that final destination

reached by our father, Saint Maron,

and carry your Gospel throughout the world.

Through his intercession, may we attain

the glory of the resurrection and everlasting life in you.

Glory and thanks are due to you, to your blessed Father, and to your living Holy Spirit, now and for ever.