Thursday, August 21, 2014

The New War

The new war is not a war of ground forces or air strikes. The new war is to turn others away from love by twisting truth. One can ask how do we fight against moral evils in our world from our pulpit be it lonely or crowded?
The righteous are the ground forces of God and the angels His backup airstrikes.  We can call upon them and act ourselves with temerity and boldness in the footsteps of Christ.
It scares me to see the cruelness that humans inflict upon others, but prayer changes things.
Prayer has the power to reach the most hardened heart. The weakness that is the faithful, is the scourge of the evil. Through dying he restored our life. We can fight by our meekness and generosity to give of ourselves and let the Holy Ghost guide us on the path of teaching love to others.