Saturday, May 3, 2014

Approaching the Precipice

Three weeks until I finish my career as a teacher.  I have many thoughts and opinions on the years but I would like to share a few reflections.

First, it takes an amazing person to be a teacher. I have interacted with many different teacher personalities and the first priority is always the children.  You have those teachers that complain and grumble or don't show for duty, but they do care.  Teachers have become the father, mother and sometimes friend that children need in this changing world.  It is very hard to be a teacher and I bet everyone one of them looks back at the end of each school year and says 'how did I make it through?'.

Secondly, I have learned so much. I see awesome teachers and know I could bump up my skills and be more compassionate, but then I think of how far I have come.  God has used this profession to really burn away poor characteristics and helped me prepare for this harsh world.  Nothing helps you learn quick like ANY classroom of high school students.  I have been telling myself I should keep on in order to grow, but it's time to use my skills elsewhere.

Finally, I'm sure when I see yellow buses rolling in the fall again I'll have a twinge of nostalgia for the school room.  It will fade quickly for the precipice ahead will already be at my toes. I care about the success of Americas children and I think I can help by setting an example to go after what you want and second chances.

God is so good. It would be easy to fail at my endeavor. I have finally learned hard work is the key. Wish me success in my new undergraduate degree in engineering and say a prayer for me!