Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Things Count

Even when I feel most at fault, Our Lord answers little prayers before I ask.  Though highly undeserving, I feel my way is paved by His mighty hand.

How can this be when I am as sinful as my neighbor?  God amazes in every second of the day with His Love. His Love is endless and unfathomable. His Love is pure without expectations.  He is just always, there.

The scope of His love extends through time and dimension. I suspect it is this Love that is the basis for atomic theory. Hard to prove, but so fulfilling to recognize.

The Creator's Love is more than the heresies of this world. The Father's Love is faster than light and sound speed combined. Once received and in receiving, the Almighty's Love penetrates to the essence of your future and past spirit.

Because this life is a passing, and short expanse of time, God's Love must be multiplied for those who have built barriers.  It is the duty of those who love Him to love others.

If you find it hard to share your love, when you do, Love will clear all past hurts because of its depth and reach. As you give it, Love will change the makeup of your inner being like a chemical reaction.  You cannot love and be left unchanged. You cannot recognize love and forget.
Love is the light, Love is the little way to your salvation.