Friday, October 17, 2014

What does Mary know?

A Pilgrimage.
Tomorrow, I will travel with a friend to see the Cathedral Basilica of St. Anthony in Beaumont, Texas.  It is just a small pilgrimage in the middle of my semester of studying more chemistry and math.  So I will offer this travel for God's will in what I study and for my efforts in that.
Knowing little, loving more.
But more so, I want to offer all things for the Sacred Heart of Christ.  Jesus Christ loves before we know.  Most of us, don't know until we are older, and wiser.  When I say know,  I mean all kinds of knowing.  What's really cool is that Jesus does 'know'.  Of course he knows, and is all-knowing, but for every individual heart there is a call and a path that Jesus knows.
For my sake,  I am interested in following that path which he knows I will follow.  Good or bad, I hope it leads me closer to him.  When I veer off slightly, Our Lady lovingly guides me back.
What does Mary know?
I tend to turn to Mary, Queen of the Universe when my own doubts assail me because she is my first mother.  I love her dearly and she has graciously accepted me as her child.  But she also knows.
She knows that Jesus Christ and the Trinity has overcome the world.  The world which wants to tear up our sense of knowing Christ.  The world that wants to twist our thoughts to relativism and immorality.
Mary, Ark of the Covenant has known from the moment of her fiat, that Jesus Christ, the Son of God is the answer.  He is more powerful than any Earthly thing.  More powerful than bosses, stress, maliciousness, ignorance and more powerful than the fall of sin.
Mary, the Theotokos, has knowledge that whatever my faith, work or efforts done with the love of the Sacred Heart of Christ, will be worthy in their small way.
As the Theotokos, she has known when I will need her and how my journey will go tomorrow.
I am always thinking that to fast and repent for my sins is a good thing.  Jesus knows my faults.  Our Lady knows my faults.  Both draw me close and embrace in the love of God the Father.  I really don't need to 'know'.  I just need to have faith and put more work into that faith that Mary and Jesus will be with me every step of the way.