Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Paraclete Judge

In light of today's ruling in the case of a small child that died, I was thinking about judges in general when I went to adoration and read John 16.  In verse 8 Jesus says: "And when he comes he will convict the world in regard to sin and righteousness and condemnation".  In the 1983 version I read, it said justice instead of righteousness.

The link will guide you to the USCCB reading of Chapter 16 of John in the New American Bible.  This chapter goes on to state the necessity of the Holy Ghost coming and Christ going back to his Father.  In the footnote to explain the passage I mentioned is the word 'forensic', meaning in this instance I assume, a judgement made with methodical and meticulous logic.

All of this made me think of the direct relationship of authority and how our systems reflect the Kingdom.  I am no theologian or philosopher, but I know that the Kingdom of God is flawless in its judgement, where we are full of flaws in our systems.  But we can see in a logical way the idea of a judge working for a greater personage as 'the state' or on the federal level, 'the nation's interests'.

This brings me back to the Holy Ghost coming to guide us and judge us and the fact that Christ says that the Holy Ghost will share nothing that is not of Himself and of the Father.  I think it is pretty interesting to consider the Holy Ghost in light of your relationship with Jesus Christ.  Many may have heard of Christ, but have they truly sought Him? The Holy Ghost will know.  Many may have talked the talk, but the Holy Ghost reads the heart.

I have met a judge before to help me with a speeding ticket.  I was definitely speeding, but I was young and didn't want it on my record.  But the point is, he knew me.  If he wouldn't have known me, he probably wouldn't have helped me.  The Holy Ghost, the Paraclete is the divine judge in the end acting for the one true King that we have in this life, Our Lord Jesus Christ Son of God.