Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Grand Expectation


Guy walks into a church, bartender asks, “The usual, Bob?” Bob says, “Yep!”

Bob has been going to a place where his usual drink is well known.  The bar may be his church in a world where vice is accepted as necessity.  Our expectations of life and living vary in wide degrees between cultures.  And thankfully they also change as we learn more about our Savior and ourselves.  

Many people we hear about, seem to get really hooked on expectations.  There are ideas about what a loved one should do or look like or have.  There are scales for wealth depending on race and age and status.  There are expectations for yourself as far as your dreams and hopes and worries.

Do these matter?  Do any of our expectations for ourselves or expectations of other people matter?  No they don’t.  In some ways, if they are centered on the good for a person, other’s opinions may be helpful. But in the long run, imagine a Creator that is Omnipotent, Powerful and Engaging, who could also crush you like a bug.  

This is the guy whose expectations matter.

This guy, or God, has set us up for life!  We have prime positioning over all the Earth and beyond.  We have emotions that can carry you to the moon, in a good way.  We have the full and complete attention of the same divine God that created a Pangea as well as our very selves.

Expectations you say?  Innocent guy walks into a court, comes out sentenced to die for all humanity so they know what true Love is.

Pretty wacky and illogical if you don’t expect it, but this God that gives full attention to small man, planned the whole thing.


Christ said, “Hey guys, I’ll see ya later in Heaven, but I’m going to send my friend over to help you out.”

That friend, The Holy Ghost, came along with a big load of grace. It’s like when your sick and some cheesy girlfriend or boyfriend at the time brings you a can of Campbell’s. Replace the ‘chicken noodle’ with ‘Grace: Zero Sodium, No Calorie!’ and you’ve got an allotted portion of grace that is for you!

Now take all of your expectations about life and living and the way those have changed and morphed into what you didn’t want and maybe did or found out was kind of okay.  Jesus has a big-ole-pantry full of extra cans of ‘Grace:Zero Sodium, No Calorie!’ and you can have as much as you want! 

You only have to ask.

Remember, God had the expectation that his creation would have the free will to love Him. Jesus came and gave us his expectation for life and living.  It’s a matter of getting over the other people’s opinions and ideas and expecting great things in Christ.