Sunday, July 3, 2011

Looking Past the Present

A friend recently made a comment about something I said about disliking all the yucky stuff that goes on in this world. I said I couldn't wait to be done with it, but I know I'll end up living till 100 years old like the rest of the Cajuns in my family.

When I said this, she tilted her head slightly and said,"You know, it is good to have that perspective, that there is more to look forward to."

She said it because she has so many beautiful things in her life, and so do I, but it is easy to forget that our main goal is to be able to stand before Christ unashamed.

I would like to think that everybody thinks like me, but the fact is there are plenty people that are much, much smarter! and holier! But one thing I keep in mind is the prize of being in the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Throne of Heaven and Earth. While there are so many good things on this planet and people to love, no one who knows anything about love cannot deny that people are doing a lot of hating lately.

The same people who preach tolerance and peace are the ones that define those terms as "agree with me" or else your stupid and intolerant and racist and a bigot and a homophobe.

So my peeps, don't be hatin' and remember that Christ is the Kingdom, the Power and Glory.