Friday, April 1, 2011

The Gradual Change

I wish sometimes that we could all just get where we are going.  In the spiritual sense though.  

But as I reflect on the scripture and the path of the disciples this Lent, I realize that they too, took baby steps in order to become leaders and healers in Jesus' name.  Only a few such as Andrew and John seemed to really 'get it' at first.  But then we have our very real friends in scripture, Peter and Paul and the rest of the crew that didn't really 'get it' at first that all things lead to the Messiah Christ.

It would probably help us in this life to hang around Jesus as much as possible. Thank goodness for Adoration!  But at the same time, there is not the sense of urgency that there may have been at the time of Christ.  In this world things are changing rapidly and it seems like when we make advances against embryonic stem cell research and partial birth abortion, we are just hit back down the hill to push against a very real boulder blocking many people's salvation.

The political fight for Life issues is only a metaphor for the inner struggle to battle sin in our everyday lives.  Like the very real sins of abortion and not natural genetic manipulation, the battle against every day sins rages for most of us like Peter in the scripture who make the same stupid mistakes over and over.  And that is the spiritual journey happening in tandem with the physical life on this Earth. 

I read an internet article recently about living life in an experiential way. Before that I happened upon the work of a Zen Buddhist master named Hakuin in an art museum who suggested making activity your meditation rather than just doing meditation for its own self.  Both of these have merit and experiencing Christ in the sacraments, adoration and in personal prayer is the only method for tackling that spiritual hill where we must face our boulder each day in order to reach the Light.

One thing I choose to do is hope and pray for hope.  It is a grace of God to hope in the one who saved us and in all that salvation entails.  There is an 'Act of Hope' prayer for a reason.  If you truly desire to make a path on your spiritual journey no matter what is happening in the world then it will be.

Just as Peter was led to the cross, we must all bear our cross and eventually master our sin upon it.