Monday, April 11, 2011

The Catholic Dreamer

Sometimes the clarity in a dream is striking and can hold the key to a peaceful submission to God's will.  Often I find myself having dreamed of an event or discussion to heal a relationship.  These are different dreams from the regular random ones.

I can sense that God has a purpose to bring peace and healing in my life from a dream of a warmfelt hug or a spoken apology from myself or another person. 

At other times, I have dreamed being in a car wreck over and over.  I have learned to correct my thoughts and actions in the dream until I get out of danger.  The reason for these dreams is that the exact events occur, but because I have learned from my repeated dreams I am, and was able to save myself and the people driving behind me. Praise God!

God the Father used voices and dreams often in scripture to call the prophets.  But I think Our Lord calls us in this way to protect and bring peace also when a heart can only take so much more struggle or stress.  The love of the Lord is endless and there is no one who can stop Him from fulfilling the destiny He has for you in His great design.

Sleep well and I hope you have the type of dreams that bring peacefulness and preparedness for the mission the God has for you today.