Friday, October 15, 2010

The Master's Return

Being tardy never seemed so important to me as a teacher.  Many times, it cannot be helped.  This year I have a couple of students who are often tardy, either by their own fault or by their siblings or parents fault.  It is a habit that is hindering their learning.

It never mattered to me before, because I didn't have repeat offenders in the past seven years I have taught.  My first thought the other day as I reviewed my attendence summary was of the maids and the bridegrooms who wait for the bridegroom Christ.  I never really understood that passage until I heard a talk by Brant Pitre. He lays out the foundation for the Bridegroom Messiah. You can find his works for sale at  But it makes sense if you think about the connection of habit.

I don't always 'get' scripture. I have to read the explanation and learn.  I have had some visions from Christ while meditating on scripture, and scripture reads as a living thing to me, but I am not that bright in scriptural study.

In my mind, I was trying to figure more understanding from those passages when I read the tardies across my attendence summary.  The passages are Luke 12:37 are Matthew 25:1-13.  The oil that the young ladies forget is also the reverence for God the Father that the Church forgets.  It makes me wonder how my habits are affecting my spiritual goals and obedience and servitude toward Our Heavenly Father. 

Am I habitually tardy?
Am I staying awake?