Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Deep Wide River

A thirteen year old was telling me today how she watches ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘Bad Girls’. I said there’s only crap on television and that’s why I don’t watch it. She said, “But it’s fun to see other people’s lives!”
Maybe I am a little different, but I remember growing up, and I instinctively steered away from real-life girls that acted poorly like in the shows mentioned.  It seems kids are watching more garbage coming out of a surrealist world than Bart Simpson ever regurgitated.
I am a glass that can be all full if we add more to it, kind of girl, so I see the things that I surround myself with as an inspirational change in these times.

1. Pope Benedict XVI wrote a wonderful letter to seminarians saying, “God is Alive!”
2. The Holy Catholic Church is being purified from sinful and deceptive priests and religious.
3. More young people are instantly reaching out to Christ in praise and worship and finding that HE FILLS them up more than anything.
4. Those same young people are discerning vocations to the religious life and life in the Spirit in family life.
5. Our long ago brothers of the Anglican Church are seeking the TRUTH and finding it whole-heartedly in the Holy Catholic Church.
6. More masses are being celebrated in the traditional Latin manner and many have felt and experienced reverence for the first time in the celebration of the Calvary in those masses.
7. More Catholics in high places are speaking out and joining forces against calumny that threatens the spark of Love for the Sacred Heart in the Catholic Church.
8. Those that do not adhere to the full faith and guidance of the Catholic Church in all moral and ethical matters are outing themselves as non-believers in their determination to be tolerant.
9. Roman Catholic schools are still praying with students in primary, elementary, middle, secondary, and in university level schools.
10. The Roman Catholic Church is still deep and rich and wide enough for all who seek the full Truth of the Love of God the Father.

All Glory Be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the Beginning, is Now, and ever Shall Be. Amen