Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Fast of the Starving

Imagine you are very busy during the week. It's Tuesday already and you have forgotten to eat breakfast again as you rushed out of the house in the early dark hours of the morning.  You don't stop for coffee because you know there will be some made at work.

You get to work early to take a moment, but find that your boss or coworker has come too and wants to have an impromptu meeting. When you finally step out into the hallway again, you almost run into another person coming from the break room holding a steaming mug of coffee about to sip.  It is daylight outside now. You go to the break room and find the coffee has all been taken.  You think you'll make some more, but there is none left but the crumpled bag on top of the new plastic trash bag in the bin.

With a large sigh, you move to your office desk with the weight of your work brought home still hanging on your shoulder because you never got to put it down.  You remember you have a small bag of cereal in your bottom drawer for just such an occasion to perk you up when morning sustenence was forgotten.  When you open the drawer, you find a crushed ziploc bag that somehow has come open and has small ants making a beeline for the back of the drawer and up to the window near the bushes. Gross. Your stomach rumbles and you feel queasy because now your body really is waking up and wants energy.  Breath.

You tell yourself, breath. A loud sigh comes out as you check your calendar and you have that long morning meeting today.  Hopefully there will be danishes.

You walk in to a crowded room with two seats left. Searching for the pasteries, you crane your neck back and forth for a moment as if at a tennis match.  A chipper higher up comes in and says, "Happy Nutrition Month! We are skipping the goodies today, so I hope you all had breakfast!"  Several coworkers smile and lift their tall coffee thermos's in unison.

Actual pain creeps up your spine because not only did you not eat breakfast, you had a large lunch yesterday and went to workout after work, causing you to go to bed early without any dinner.  It feels as though you are in a dry, barren desert and are almost starving.


This is the way of prayer. 

We are starved for it. 

God the Father longs to listen.

 Everything around is empty without prayer. 

Prayer is the intimate relationship that we nuture with our loved one, God the Father.  We are part of His whole family. He sent His Son to be with us and expected us to know Him.  He wants us as part of His family.  He wants to hear your joys and sufferings so that He may work in you and show His glory. 

When you have a doubt about yourself, It means you are starving for prayer.

When you feel disliked or even hated, It means you are starving for prayer.

When you realize you are in despair, It means you are starving for prayer.

When you feel no one will understand, It means you are starving for prayer.

No one can fill the void in man but God. Pray.