Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Rights of Man and Media Inter-woven

Who says media is living in the past? Don't blink, you may miss the next internet trend as media is transitioning into a dynamic force for America's Freedom of Speech. This is clearly seen in the individuals who are rallied by social networks and instant feed sites in other countries who are beginning to share the basic 'rights of man' mentality.

Media, though currently evolving, has become the moniker for people's rights. Around the world we see that an electronic rally has complex effects on the society. People, governments, land, language and economies are effected to name a few examples. Where do people get such ideas?

Rights of the rational man, stemming from Locke, Hobbes, & Paine have long been parts of a more complete truth that Man has free will. Thus ideas become cross-cultural in an inter-society where mutual understanding of freedom of voice has become the the momentum for a new definition of civilized.

Media has become the 'new' definition of civilized. Ideal rights of man are the underpinnings of this freedom of voice which all classes of society seek. This is exciting news, because any advocate of the un-thought-of peoples of the world may make a way for them.

One small voice is multiplied if it is spoken for the Truth. I pray that more people use the current media to speak for freedom and the dignity of man. If we wouldn't have had muckrakers such as Ida Tarbell and Upton Sinclair, the truth may have continued to be smeared over. Media is a means of communication for the masses and hopefully it will continue to find ways to show truth in content from the many individuals that explore it's past and future.