Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Most Interesting Foods Designed by God

Nutrition as a science continues to evolve and demand to be noticed.I was delighted to see calories on the side of my McDonald’s box the other day! Mainstream has started to act on a problem after the burgers have been eaten. So while the topic is fresh, here are a few wonderful foods designed by God not sold at fast food chains. The nutritional information comes from

One of the crops grown by the Incans is a grain called quinoa, pronounced ‘keen-wah.’ Quinoa is high in manganese. Many people don’t realize that there is a desert area surrounding some of the mountains near Bolivia and Peru. The native peoples valued it as food of the gods. This wonderfully designed grain was the main food before the Spanish conquistadors phased it out as they also phased out the native peoples there.

If you ever get to visit anywhere near the equator, you will realize how hot it is. It’s not just hot, but one hour out in the sun will make you melt if you aren’t native. Quinoa provides the vitamins to counteract the effects of the heat draining the energy.

Miso is a type of paste that can be made from many types of beans and rices mixed together and fermented. Soy and adzuki beans are only two of the types but are a great example of how God has created for all the needs of man. Adzuki beans are high in protein and come from around the ancient kingdom of Persia. Soy beans are an ancient crop of the Chinese civilization. Both can be fermented into the mainstay of miso paste that is used plainly as soup and as a seasoning. The fermenting creates good enzymes for digestion.

Today miso is served in palaces and on street-side curbs. This simple soup sustains many in a country of many.

God provides for all the needs of man in small details like magnesium and protein. The science of nutrition is worth studying to be healthy and discover the greatness of God's design.