Saturday, April 11, 2009

Relativism Rant

As I wait for Easter on this Good Friday evening, I am trying to skim over a few Glamour magazines. They came free with something my mother ordered and she thought I might enjoy them. They are not the same as the Seventeen magazines I had in 1990. Even that magazine has become disgusting.

The disgusting part is the feel good relativism that is rampant and perpetuated by media. This is the type of dribble that my young students see constantly. It was extremely frustrating at times to teach at a Catholic school the last three years and know what to say to some of the experiences that these children face. I almost feel like they are much more of the world than I ever want to be in my lifetime.

Of the world versus in the world is an hourly struggle in 2009. I have thrown the Glam magazines on the floor. All they refer too is sex and sexual partners and materialism. How does one live in a country that is purposefully transforming itself into a demoralized society?

Luckily though, students and people in general, I believe, learn from others by example. There are many Christians still in America fighting against demoralization. The Christians I meet shine brightly on those in the dark so that they may seek the light.

Being in the world is a struggle, but I cannot help but rejoice in this darkness of Holy Saturday knowing that there is a blinding and pure light at the end. The effects of relativism worship sometimes feels like many days of dark Holy Saturdays. Our Lady suffered as the Mediatrix, and she quietly prays for us still in this darkness. We can rejoice in her intercession and the good news that Christ was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.