Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tomorrow everything is different

When Jesus came to prepare the hearts of men he was patient and kind.  He was completing a Herculean task, a Savior's task.

Can you imagine Him sitting next to you and saying to you, "What if tomorrow, everything is different?"

What 'different' are you talking about?  Think about the thing you most desire.  The the thing you have desired for as long as you could remember.  Think about what that thing means to you.  What does it mean for the people around you?

What does your heart say it is?

And now, ask the question in a whisper that speaks volumes so loud it can crush mountains.  What if tomorrow, everything is different?

That is what Christ does.  He makes it different.  That desire for the something more is always laced with the truth of love that He has brought into reality on this Earth.  Within our lifetimes, the Christ has made whole what was lost in denial.  Whoever denies love cannot experience the truth.  Our being here, existing within the creation that is ongoing in the hand of the Father, is part of the different.

Because behind every good desire is the will of God the Father.

What does your heart say?

What if tomorrow everything is different?