Thursday, November 24, 2016

Annihilation Method for Beginners

This semester I am taking differential equations.  While failing miserably, (there is a slight chance I may pass) I am always seeing the Glory of God in the little things.

The idea of 'zero' has been swirling around in my head for weeks.  There are zeros, and then there are things that equate to zero.  My thoughts on the subject continuously bring me to the fact that if there is zero, then there is also a value yet to be found.

When I align myself with the nothing that we think of as zero compared to our neighbor that we live along side of, or work under the same roof with, then some saints say that is the path to holiness.

In application, rather than a formulation, I am met with both the good and the bad within the human heart.  For example,  a coworker who is generally rude to me on a regular basis, has no reason other than I suspect insecurity.

I have met other people like this before and I tend to ignore them.  Yesterday, she was overtly rude to me after having asked for something that I didn't have.  Like I said, she is always like this toward me and I have mentioned it, but people at work tend to chalk it up to 'that's how she is.'

Here's the cool connection though, if I were to equate myself as zero before her, wouldn't that be a step toward holiness?  The Litany of Humility has that one line that always gets me: 'From the fear of being calumniated, Deliver me Jesus."

This is what I mean.  First, Jesus Christ came to save, but to do that He had to change perception of what it was to be just and what it was to truly love thy neighbor.  How must I approach someone who holds on to anger?

Well first I will look to the saints such as Saint Theresa of Calcutta, Saint Lazarus, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.  Forgive and love.

There lies the value found within the expression of man equaling zero before others.  In solving math, we must first find the zero sum before we can find the particular value.  How amusing is it that in mathematics, the Glory of God can be found in something that is nothing first?  To me, it's wonderfully delightful.  Ad Glorium Dei