Friday, May 31, 2013

Trusting the Possible

I had this recurring dream that I was driving on the interstate and traffic was stopped but I didn't see it until the last moment.

It really started to upset me that I kept having that dream over a period of maybe a year every couple of months.

After about the third time, I woke up upset and decided to reimagine what to do for the next time. So the next time I had the dream I was able to slow down and drive through the stopped cars and a railing and enter safely into the median.

It wasn't until the summer after a cool rainy  night that caused an extremely foggy morning that I was in the exact situation I dreamed about. Only this time, I was going 60mph, a group of Mexican men were standing around the van I was about to smash into because traffic was totally stopped. I ccouldn't see them prior to that because the sun was shining bright on the blanket of white on the interstate.

I knew what to do because God had a plan.  Luckily, the car with a family followed me into the median saving the meandering Mexicans and the family in that car.

God has a plan, it is not for us to know anything but what we need to know. "He tempers the wind upon the shorn sheep."