Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gallifreyan Reminders

Dr. Who has really been a great show this season.  I don't usually watch a show ritually, unless it's really good, and this new guy plays a very cool Dr. Who.

Tonight's season finale episode was a reminder of how Christ calls us to save others and how one man or woman can be the instrument of that cause.  By save, I mean the call to love others.

It was really cool that Clara sacrificed herself with knowing she had done it before.  Flip that around to you.  Christ sacrificed himself.  We know it and we can join him by dying to self.

There is no flashing light to jump into and then be found by Dr. Who again.  There is a long arduous journey that fires both good and bad things within us.  Just like the premise of the television show, time is the key.  When you know that Christ's Calvary transcended all time, then you can admit your sufferings are conjoined with his.

I needed a good reminder to be outside of myself these days.  It is easy to talk about and write about, but difficult to live.  Start with prayer for others and one day you may be called upon to jump into time to save another soul with two hearts or just one.