Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Take a Knee

A few years ago, I realized I was thankful to be able to kneel.  Bad knees and arthritis runs in my family and I hope I don't experience it sooner rather than later, but at some point it will be hard for me to kneel. So I am thankful I can now.

Yesterday, the meditation in Magnificat had the phrase "subject the flesh to the spirit" which reminded me of when I first thought about kneeling.

For a few weeks I was trying to think of some small mortification I could do for our Lord. To kneel for long periods of time hurts, but we could definitely call it subjecting the flesh to the spirit as well as bending the mind to the will.  I thought kneeling is an inconspicuous way to offer extra for Christ on Calvary.

There are always ways to raise up small discomforts to join with the sufferings of the cross, but to kneel before His great glory in joy, thankfulness, sorrow or dryness is a great grace.

Any extra time spent kneeling in church or not is part of a narrow path that God calls us too. I am going to try it out a little more at home and see what God comes up with for me.

Queen of the Universe Adoration Chapel, Orlando, FL