Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Spirit Diet

Had a nice visit and conversation with Our Lord at the beach a couple of weekends ago. He said to write, he said to chill out more.

One of the things he also listened to me complain about is that I am frustrated to have such an annoyingly strong conscience but such a weak will.

All of the religious types say to form the will with good reading and all that.  Of course I do and have done.  But the frustration lies in knowing that faith grows in the leaps and bounds of Christ.  There is no pill for it or faith diet, or even any Spirit surgery.

You just have to keep on and do it.  Pray that is.  Have those continuous tough conversations even if it totally sucks.

I don't like that word, but it reverberates my point to the heart.  Sometimes things are yucky.  Faith isn't, prayer isn't, but the obedience that Christ calls us too is.  His obedience was to be crucified, so mine, as one who must die to faith is nothing to complain about.