Monday, January 2, 2012

The Generosity of Mary the Mother of God

The beauty of Mary the Mother of God is able to be seen in the faith of a child's prayer. With beautiful hearts those children that experience the love of Our Lady trust her as a child trusts a mother to bring food or care or help.

The other day while in the beautiful church of Our Lady of Mercy, I remembered the childlike love I had for her. I always credit my own human mother for the love that the Spirit grew in my heart for Mary because she is the one who told me to ask her for help when I was four.

Our Lady readily came to my aide in a very distressing series of nightmares. I didn't have those nightmares again for several years after. My faith in God grew from a simple act of a Mother telling her child to ask Sweet Mary for her help.

Ever since that time Our Lady has gently coerced me back to the loving arms of Christ and his saving love. I revere Mary as the Theotokos, the God bearer. But also as one great and first saint among us that as shown me the fruition of trusting in the will of God and not my own will.