Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saintly Irony- Merry Christmas 2011

This is the night that we celebrate Christ’s birth as a man.  God is all good and allowed his Son to come and open a door for humanity to know holiness.
I’ve just come in from a dark and rainy night to continue watching the Bears run the ball against the Packers and in my mind I ask the question: Is it better to try really hard or better to win in regards to sainthood?

In regards to football, most know that winning is the desire.  There are some fantastic plays from the losers but the best end result is another win.  I can relate a desire to holiness to a desire to win easily, but in the words of my dad, “There isn’t any ‘saint school’", so it is not so straight forward.

The answer has to come from within to know if you’re a winner.  In my case, I am pretty bummed out that I have so far to go and reading about Saint Faustina being told she has far to go doesn’t give me too much hope in the holiness department.

Saintly life isn’t easy these days with what is on television and on the streets in the form of hate, sensuality, greed and selfishness. I wish there was a ‘Saint School’.  That would be really cool, but the irony is the same for those who strive for MVP.  You don’t seek after that stuff, you have to live it.  

What is better in the end?  Trying really hard counts when you are doing it for good reasons I think.  Even though I won’t win the holiness game, I can play it and build up my yardage as I keep running the ball toward the goal.  Even if life doesn't play fair with me, I am trying to do things for good and thinking of others. 

Saint school is living life and learning from your mistakes to seek to do as Christ did.  Don't try for MVP,  play the game as if you are the MVP and inspire others to do the same. That is what holiness is, that is what Christ became man to do.