Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Universe

A map of dark matter showing galaxies as small pink/purple squares. The center is supposed to be the cluster of galaxies. I don't exactly understand this, so I must read up. But in the mean time, on a smaller scale is the Apatite mineral.
This mineral was also found on the moon during one of the moon walks. Just recently in 2010, the specimens were tested and found to include more water than originally thought.  The estimate of encased water on the moon, if released, would cover the moon's surface in 1 meter of water.

God the Creator is Good in All Things, both great and small.  He is the Great Designer of the Universe.  While scientists do not understand dark energy, they seek to divine its mysteries.  Unfortunately, the same scientists may assume there is no Divine correlation between the specifics of a mineral to the immenseness of a universe of galaxies.
"Concepts can only acquire content when they are connected, however indirectly, with sensible experience. But no logical investigation can reveal this connection; it can only be experienced.  And yet it is this connection that determines the cognitive value of systems of concepts."
Albert Eistein in "The Problem of Space, Ether, and the Field in Physics"