Monday, May 24, 2010

The Mission Trip

Christ the King Catholic Church mission trips change your life. At least the one I went on in 1997, changed mine.

This year the students are going to Costa Rica, where my experience was only as far as Mexico. Pray for them to have a safe journey as I share the story of my re-conversion.

We stayed in a convent in Saltillo with a large courtyard and three stories of bunks for missionaries. There were only sixteen of us and Fr. Pat. On reflection, I don't know why I wanted to go but I did and I had no idea about anything Catholic really. It had been so long since I had been to mass, I really didn't know any of the parts or responses. But I felt Our Lady with me there.

Our Lady of Guadalupe was a prominent figure in the church where ever we went. I mainly watched and tried to learn from these beautiful people in their humble faith in Jesus. While there I felt like I didn't belong with the group.  I would just go to the quiet areas and speak with God in nature and the bustle of the town around us.

Excerpt from my diary:
"We come from another place,
To share his grace.
Mexican cities buzz around us,
Mexican mountains rise above us.
Beyond those mountains
Hidden by the camoflage of dust
Are followers of Jesus Christ."

May 18,1997

The best part was Christ opening my heart to Him to know the Holy Eucharist again. When I came back, I saw Our Lady of Guadalupe hidden on a mosaic upon a home. It was a subtle and spiritual reminder of Christ's gentle call of such a faithful people and of myself. I love her to this day in all of her apparitions, but especially as one who always draws me closer and closer to my loving and merciful Lord Jesus Christ.