Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Act of Forgiveness

"Blessed are the merciful for they shall inherit the Earth."

What anger do I allow to control my heart when I choose to judge? What areas must I forgive in myself so I can forgive others of the same fault? Mercy is fruit of a charitable heart that is mature enough to receive the inheritance of heaven. Inheritance of that grace comes as a gift, often received not by merit.  There are many more worthy at Christ's table, so what would I leave on Earth for others to inherit?
Reflection: Dec 22, 2005

I have written this year of the type of children I teach and the way they demean each other and anyone in authority.  I find it easy to love them, but I do not like many things.  One such thing I despise is how long it takes me to forgive some of them when they are particularly rude.

Key word there is 'me'.  I was reminded this year in working with these young people to always look to myself to change when I see things in them that frustrate me.

An example is when a student that has grown in poverty and has an inner attitude of bitterness and disdain for learning, expresses that attitude in foul words, everyday, every class.  WWJD?  It becomes a matter of love in my eyes immediately, because along the line of this 15 year old student in 8th grade, there was no proper teaching of rationality and civility.  Never pity though.  So I must look to myself to forgive constantly and find the words to express love to these students.

Another example at a workplace is when coworkers whom you may rarely interact with make disrespectful comments. Somewhere along the line, these persons did not experience love.  It is a constant thread in Christ's teaching to show mercy, show mercy, show mercy.

Look to yourself first and remember the loving caresses, the peaceful words or the silent loving gestures that someone may have shown you, but that these persons never experienced in there lives.  Their perception of rationality and empathy colors everything.