Friday, April 23, 2010

The Genuine Southern Museum

I have been on an art museum kick lately. I could say I ALMOST love art museums more than live music, but that would be crazy talk.  So I'll just share a few inspirations here.

I dragged a happy friend with me this time up to the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson. By the way, we stopped and had lunch at the Best Mexican restaurant in Hazlehurst, MS.

The main exhibit was part of the Vogels modern art collection, but really I think the MS museum got shafted on the pick of the pieces. My pull was the museum's collection of Southern artist's work. Particularly Mississippi artist's that have donated work to the museum.  Eudora Welty's photographs are always haunting. I would love to visit the pillars of this long gone mansion.

One painting was named 'Voyeurs'.  I have been thinking about that one for a bit, it's quite like those waiting to see the Catholic Church come crumbling down, little do they know, only they will fall.

Another interesting piece was one painted with enamel.  It looks light the type of paintings I like to paint with a struggle between light and dark.  Although, I would have no idea what to do with enamel, I would probably get it every where.

 One grouping was by Claudia DeMonte was called the 'Luxury of Exercise'. Fittingly she tacked small metals of symbolism and worship to the ever popular exercise sneaker.

My favorite piece of artwork at the museum is a small illustration, a anamorphic drawing of a fellow holding a clover by Edgar Parker. I just find it completely charming.  It reminds me of Frog and Toad dutifully raking the leaves for each other. (Look that one up!)

I was so happy to have a friend come with me, but I could tell she didn't get as excited as I do staring at artwork.  I could do it all day and be joyful that I could offer up the foot pain for seminarians, and it still wouldn't feel like a sacrifice.

The weekend before last I visited my ever favorite New Orleans Museum of Art and saw some of my favorite pieces by Degas and Monet.  Here is a study for a larger project of Degas's. I wish I had a copy, I am fascinated by bronze.

And the last painting I will show is the awesome painting loaned to New Orleans for the Super Bowl win by the Saints. 'The 5th plague' by Turner.  You can see the cardboard cut out of the Lombardi trophy next to it!