Friday, April 2, 2010

The Authentic Farm Experience

Home on the Range or Bugs, Poop and more Bugs

This is the story of my daily life on the farm while Mom and Dad are visiting my brother and sister-in-law and the new addition to the family.  They are gone for the week of my vacation/Spring Break and I miss them bunches, but at least I have the summer off. That said, I'd like to make a very opinionated observation on dirt and farms.

I have some acquaintances that claim to really know farm life.  I have never seen them in dirty boots or even dirty clothes covered in hay.  I guess I am bragging when I say I have several pairs of boots so old and so worn that it's time they leave the farm for good.  I have clothes I keep at Mom's house just so I won't get that damn hay and alfalfa in my other things.  I even have prayers I say each time I encounter all the gross, gross bugs that always come when there are farm animals around.

Have you guessed I like the city yet?  It's not so bad because it teaches you duty and organization to remember to do everything, but it sure is a lot of work.  Thank goodness we don't have pigs!! They stink really bad and I would probably refuse to take care of them.

On our farm are dogs, cats, chickens, horses and various tropical and domestic birds.  The chickens are fairly new to the place.  They produce eggs at least, but now I am probably grossed out on eggs for a awhile after collecting them all.

I love all our dogs though!  I used to be more of a cat person until I became allergic. We have several puppies of all different sizes.  The smallest is a tiny poodle that fits in one hand and she's full size and the biggest is an Irish wolf-hound that is the normal huge size for Irish wolf-hounds.  My favorite puppy is of course my charismatic Boston terrier.  

I first met Boston terriers when we took one in from an aunt and now we have another rescue one from another lady who moved.  These dogs are so devoted and sweet.

The only thing is that the dogs around here know exactly when any movement begins in the house and they won't stop calling you in the morning until you tend to them first.

Beyond the Bugs to the Beauty

There are great things about being out in the country.  It is so peaceful and easy to speak with God.  Where I am at night all of the stars shine in the night sky.  My favorite constellation has always been Orion shining at me in the early morning on one side of the sky and high in the sky in the evening.

Right now it is spring.  The pollen has turned all of the vehicles in town a lime shade of pollen yellow.  The water oaks are sprouting bright neon leaves.  The sweet olive trees are budding and scenting the breeze.  The huge black bumble bees stand still in the air when you pass their fruit tree territory.

The grass is starting to grow again in great tufts that the dogs find and chop on, then coming back with grass sees clinging to their fur.  It's nice to walk in the afternoon sun and anticipate the sweltering heat of mid July that warms you in an instant.

The birds that flock through Louisiana on their journey back home take a break at the bird feeder my father has set up.  They are numerous and happy as our blue Macaw tries to call out to them or anyone in the house, shouting Hello! or calling whistles to annoy the dogs.

It's too bad I have to go back to work on Tuesday, so I'll miss the quiet.  Sometimes it's nice to be with Christ in peacefulness and nature as I prepare to celebrate Easter.