Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Case for Social Justice because of Global Warming

It is an often unspoken battle field experience that every middle school and up teacher experiences.  It is a case for better food choices for the rich and the poor in urban and rural schools.  It is worse than an entire methane field of cow dung powering a city of 200,000.  

It is the rotten fart of a middle-schooler enclosed in a small space without working central air after a poor lunch room meal of canned chili and nachos with jalapeño peppers, Tabasco(of course in Louisiana) and synthetic orange liquid cheese.

I said it. This is the real and scientific reason for global warming.  I tried to write a grant for research purposes in the hopes of studying students around the world who eat nachos, myself having gained even a Rhodes scholarship.  But alas, it did not make it past my principal. 

On a local level, I may propose this as a power source for the small town of 3,000 I work in. I just need the parents signatures.