Friday, July 14, 2017

Call to Arms

Will there be a call to arms for the spiritual heart of man in the same way there has been a call to reduce climate change or a rising up against social and racial inequality? Truth at its heart is what carries a man to his greatest humanity. Man can only be bolstered by virtue which counteracts sin.

I think society is afraid of sin. Not what sin is or what it does but what it reveals about the person inside. This is part of what we call dying to self.

Recognition of inner flaws repeated on a daily basis even as one strives for success, is still recognition and desire to be greater than one self. The true test is how to overcome self in order to rise by becoming less in the eyes of the world but magnificent in the eyes of the Spirit.

Which of you can say you have given up anything most desired because once a failure always a failure? Is that true or does the human person choose to make it true?

Dying to self, to let go of material, prideful & avaricious measures of oneself in the world, is what the call to a revolution of spirit is all about.

Do not let dark thoughts take over a life made for God. What fear can be had when truth is so empowering? What sin can God not forgive when He has created man himself? Love is greater than sin. Love is greater than pride.

The weapon that overpowers our selfishness is prayer. For, who is it really that we fight against? It's not really family, it's not neighbor. It is the deep within ourselves and the dark forces around us that we fight against. Therefore cover yourself in prayer. Command the Holy Spirit upon you. Pray for the mantle of Our Lady to safeguard you.

God loves.