Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Teapot calling the Kettle Black

It has taken me all day to realize my own pridefulness in a seemingly simple situation.  I was so upset, I didn't really hear anything said to me for an hour while I tried not to cry. I wasn't successful, but at least I didn't cry in front of the judgy people.
Which brings me to my point, people are always looking to judge.  The people who go around saying everyone should be nice are the most judgmental.  It's really kind of sad.
Here's what I did: I prayed that God would smite them.
Just kidding!! But smite is a good word. The first thing I did was attend Sunday mass on this wonderful Pentacost feast. I tried to listen to what the priest was saying. Then I prayed for my enemies known and unknown that they might know the mercy and love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Even then, in my prideful anger I still could not surrender to the trust and love of Jesus. But after some time, it finally came to me that I am the cause of my own demise.
I guess the people who are so judgmental will always be that way. I don't know if I believe people can change, but I do believe the Holy Ghost can move hearts in the right direction. I am glad I was able to get somewhere with that lesson today. I may learn more tomorrow, for the Spirit is an abundant teacher.