Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Blueberry Pancakes on a Stick

To God be all glory.

I found myself completing a crossword puzzle yesterday. It was something new to me because I've never had the patience to sit and think about the clues. But I have found myself  changing into what I need to be at this time. God is calling me to be a puzzle solver.

I am moving at a snails pace toward an engineering degree. All the science is really cool. But I find myself still, totally enamored of God's love.  Jesus doesn't just call good people. He calls everybody.  All the time He is calling.

He is calling hearts. He is calling minds. He is calling for self control and physical sacrifice as well.  What a great and Gloriuos God who created mitochondria to calculus.  He is the greater, higher thinker.

At some point, a person was inspired to make a sausage stick covered in blueberry pancake batter. How awesome is that??!

It seems trivial, but Jesus calls the hearts and minds of all types to be great.