Thursday, June 25, 2015

Faith and Hope

Faith is a combination of perseverance and perspective. To persevere or not to persevere?  That is not really a question we can ask, when surely humanity will persevere.  But what about the individual? What about the You?

The world is awash with delights for the senses, but the cries from the soul of the unhappy heart are calling to the mercy of the Father.   If you can stop what you are doing and listen, the Father will speak.

As I looked on a plant that is hanging outside on my porch, I saw God in it.  It has been up to 99 degrees this week and this plant is able to cope.  Its every function is glorious and full of splendor.  It perseveres.

The people we meet are full of dark and light, sorrow and joy.  The heart beating within their person is God in his wondrous work. The people persevere.

The Earth spins and seasons sweep storms and sunshine across our globe.  What an amazing creation we reside upon.  It perseveres.

So faith, like all, perseveres.  I don't think it ever goes away.  You can lose faith, but your neighbor may have faith for you, with you and in you. It is the matter of which our intelligence permeates into our being.

Your individual worth is more than anything you can imagine because the Son of God came to Earth to sacrifice his life for you.  Sometimes it will be so hard even to breath or desire to eat.  But your worth is glorious and stunning.  That is You, that the sun is rising up to meet.  That is You, that the crowd of Saints in heaven is cheering on.  That is You, that I am writing this to because someone does LOVE you and thinks of you every moment of every day.