Friday, December 27, 2013

Adventure and the Call

Wow! What a year! Really, sometimes you need to look at the past as a season of change that may encompass more than the Roman calendar.

This last season of change has taken a few years. It has to do with a calling.   I was called to be a teacher 12 years ago.  Now, not so much.  People ask why the change?  There are so many reasons, but it boils down to: "to those given much, much is expected."  There is more I can do for Christ elsewhere.

My mother may call me a gypsy because I move from place to place often.  This new adventure calls me to stay put and work hard however long it takes.  I am venturing into a new field.  I am not sure if the call is to work hard along the way or if it is for the end result.  Either way, this is the second time I have taken a leap of faith in regard to my future.

I intend to study science. Not to teach it, but to pursue it. In my research I have found various means and ways Our Lord can use me in this field.  I tried to ask for Our Lady's intercession today, but she said "she didn't know cause they didn't have that stuff when she was growing up." Ha, just kidding.

Maybe it is because I am older and possibly less graced that there has been no big bang for this move.  It has been a long meandering road with much hope from my parents that I would get out of teaching.  I feel too, that I may be able to continue a path that my grandmother was unable to fulfill in the 1940s to become a doctor.

I find that more than two of my friends are changing careers at this time in their lives as well. This makes me think we all didn't know what we wanted the first time in our college life.  Jesus is lucky though, it takes time to pay back student loans.  He already had the knowledge to follow God's will.  The rest of us just have to figure it out.

The figuring has been slow for me.  Sometimes I think God may be able to use me despite myself.

Whatever the Creator of the Universe decides , I am sure he will let me know if I keep trusting in him.  The things that are worth fighting for are the true desires of our heart. I feel my years as a teacher have been a true refining of my character to approach the work that He calls me to now.