Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Sinner's Scarlet Letter

^^^^ CHARITY ^^^^

I am seriously thinking of getting a letter 'P' strung around my neck as a reminder that my scarlet letter is for my huge pride problem.

If one could have a love affair with pride, that would be me.  Pride manifests itself in so many ways and as the meditation read tonight, 'never forget the devil is on the prowl like a lion waiting to feast."  So true, so true.

But on the OTHER HAND... the meditation also read that there is more grace to be had than sin.  Once again, Jesus Christ redirects from the gaping hole of original sin that leads us, i.e. me<--- astray.="" p="">
Christ states His emphatic, unparalleled, overcoming, all-encompassing love.  Love is a big thing, not a small thing and it is shown in charity.  Unfortunately, many do not know charity and what it really is.  But Jesus Christ lived it.  If only I could hold my tongue and only speak when necessary like the great Son of God.

So much to learn and so far to grow! In the mean time, I did stop at Target to get a 'P' necklace.  They didn't have one.  Maybe I'll just sew an actual HUGE letter on my clothing and witness to my sin as I go.  Or maybe, I'll just try to live what Christ has witnessed too, a life of charity.