Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Grace of Sleep

One of the best times of the night is that moment when all is quiet and a restful sleep comes upon you. Until the dog barks, or the baby cries, or someone comes in the door loudly.
What do we do when our peace has been disturbed? I would like to suggest that you might say a prayer of thankfulness. That willingness to appreciate is a path to great humility as well as a piety that society greatly needs.
St. John Vianney marked just three hours for sleep on his daily agenda.  If we all could be so diligent! For most of us, sleep is a necessary thing. My friends have even admitted that they get as cranky as their children sometimes without sleep.  Sleep definitely makes it easier to be Christlike during the day as well.  But, if you have had the great blessing to own a loving pet, cherish a sweet child, or live in the same home as another hard working individual, be thankful and go back to sleep.